Why Companies Should Adopt AI Chat Bot Technology in Their Customer Servicing Process?

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A business should always focus on excelling customer experience. If a customer has a positive experience with your company, they will return again and again; and that is brand loyalty. But how do you elevate your servicing process these days?

The answer is AI technology. 

AI technology has been around for more than 60 years. The technology was initially built for computers and machines to perform human-like tasks. But now, we have AI that can do more than you can imagine. 

Within the past 10-15 years, enterprises have started to require different types of AI technology as an upgrade; for retail businesses or service providers, customer servicing process is what they value the most.

According to a report from MIT Technology Review and Genesys, 2017, 91% of world-leading companies have been using AI to boost customer service, and these companies, including Alibaba, Lexus, and Uber, are very happy with the outcome, saying that AI solutions have increased customers’ satisfaction. 

What makes AI technology so special that every well-known companies want to adopt it in their customer servicing process? Here’s why.

More Benefits at Less Workforce

Ever since the rise of e-commerce, everything you do at physical stores can now be done online, including refund and return. But outside of officing hours, it usually takes more workforce to take care of online servicing issues. That is when you need AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that runs itself, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From a business point of view, adopting this technology is economical. It will reduce the manpower needed at the office, especially after midnight. 

Customer complaints will be resolved; random customers will be engaged with contents; interested customers will be suggested to the right products; and more importantly, business cost will be lowered.

Personalized Service

Personalization is nothing new. Amazon has done it. Netflix has done it. Youtube has done it. A lot of multi-national enterprises have done it. Why are they so interested in personalized services? 

When a recommendation pops up on the screen, people are intrigued. And when the pop-up is exactly what people are looking for, there’s a higher chance that people would actually click on it. The same theory applies to AI in the customer servicing process.

With the help AI in customer service, you can personalize messages and deliver the right content to the targeted customers, especially for trouble shooting. AI technology can identify the problem from customers, and give them the feedback they asked for. Also, personalized messages are a sign of manner and respect. Respected customer means happy customer, right?

Fast and Accurate

Do you know how important is a quick response in customer service? In a HubSpot survey (2018), 90% of customers rated that getting a response in 10 minutes or less is very important. 

In earlier days, whenever we have issues with a product or service, we used to make a call to the assisting center, and after pressing a bunch of codes, we were asked to wait on hold. Remember those long, boring music? With AI, we don’t have to experience that anymore.

AI is a smart data system. Not only it can identify your problem, it can also identify you. During the chat with AI, you will probably be asked to type in your email address, and the system can already know who you are, along will your buying history, browsing history, and more. In this case, you will not be asked to repeat yourself or information ever again. 

Spear AI Chat Bot System – Language Solution

Spear is now more than a translation company. We have invested and invented a patented AI Chat Bot System that can automate companies’ customer serving process and personalised customer experience.

We also tailor and craft customised answers for companies’ specific needs.

If you wish to automate the customer servicing process, contact us for more.