Why AI Chatbot is the next technology?

Why AI Chatbot is the next technology?

In 1966, the world’s first ever Chatbot, ELIZA, was born inside the AI lab at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum. While there were other existing digital language computer programs, the one that Joseph designed was the only one created for human interactions. 

Ever since ELIZA, people have been taking a big leap on developing AI Chatbot. The beloved Siri and Alexa, people love how they can make their lives easier. With just a simple voice command, an alarm has been set, a lunch date has been added to the calendar, a text has been sent to a friend. 

As people see a lot of potential in AI Chatbot, it is going to be the technology of the future.

As technology grows with time, when we talk about AI Chatbot now, it is actually more than giving them instructions. The technology can talk to you like an actual human being. Have you ever used Facebook Messenger? Some companies have partnered up with Facebook Messenger, and is providing Chatbot tool for their users. Like Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, and even the basketball team – The Golden State Warriors, they have all adopted the AI-powered Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Let’s take The Golden State Warriors as an example; it is one of the hottest NBA team, with the use of the bot, users can get all the information of the team, game scores, highlights, merchandise information, player status, arena parking, and many more. Only in the first two months since the bot launch, more than 4.3 million messages were sent to their users.

As there are more than 2.7 billion users on Facebook, it is for sure the biggest platform to launch your Chatbot, as a matter of fact, before you have the money to develop you own AI Chatbot, it would be a smart move to partner with Facebook, with that amount of exposure, your company will soon be satisfied with the outcome. 

Besides, a Chatbot is not just a communication tool, it is also a tool for companies to speed up their managing process. Customers can be your friends, but they can sometimes be your enemies too. Back in the days, whenever a customer has questions about a product, or maybe about their shopping experience, they will either call the company’s hotline, or booming the company’s email. It is no doubt that customer servicing process is the hardest to deal with, also take the longest, but no company can run away from it. This is the time when Chatbot comes in handy. AI Chatbot technology is advancing, they can channel your customers to the right direction in a faster speed. When a customer is frustrated with scrolling on the website, a Chatbot can deliver the exact piece of information by receiving a request from the chat. They can also perform complex transactions, like placing orders, tracking order status, improving marketing campaigns. It is good for e-commerce to have this technology, customers don’t have to enter a bunch of login information to access their orders, just copy their order numbers and paste it on the chat bar, the Chatbot will do the rest for them. 

Spear’s AI Chat Bot and Language Solution

Spear’s patented AI Chat Bot System automates companies’ customer serving process and engage potential customers without any human intervention. More, if runs 24/7 whole year that can capture any business opportunities while saving you tremendous resources on staffing.

To tailor to your specific needs, we analyse, design and craft customised answers and communication flow so as to capture leads for you. 

If you wish to incorporate Spear’s AI Chat Bot system on your website, feel free to contact us for more.