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Web site, catalogs, Press releases, advertising, training materials, manual, etc.

Medical equipment and instrument manuals, patent applications, instructions for use, inspection reports, insurance reports, medical literature and papers
Aerospace, automobile, transportation, energy, chemical, information technology, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, telecommunications, electronics, electrical - electrical connector industry

Machinery, electronics, medicine, political science, philosophy, psychology, religion and other natural and social science documents



1) Advertising 2) Telephone

3) air conditioning 4) Food and beverage

5) Automotive 6) battery industry

7) Office Equipment

8) Wine 9) Oil / Gas

10) Electronic Products

11) Health care products

12) Packaging Industry

13) Automobile

14) chemical industry

15) Media News

16) Public utilities

17) Information Technology

18) Real Estate

19) Computer

20) Insurance

21) Intellectual Property

22) Taxation 23) software

24) Internet 25) Building Materials

26) Cosmetics 27) Investments

28) Textile Industry

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French translation

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Professional team includes:

Newspaper Editor, Reporter, locals, foreigners, university professors and undergraduates masters. Professors as language consultants, with subsidiary total of 2,000 employees.

Fashion, leather goods, jewelry, fine jewelry, watches and clocks, wines, hotels, etc.

Medical materials are difficult to deal with, medical terminology should be used.

Our translators come from different countries, doctors and professors to understand the FDA's registration procedures, the literature of their profession

Product specifications, manuals and briefing papers, reports, technical manuals, instructions, industry tenders, standards and specifications, parts list of names, patents, business magazines, catalogs, product marketing documents

Luxuries (luxury good) are either in quality or price are the highest grade of goods. Luxury brands will use public relations techniques to build their high-end images.

SPEAR has the most business experiences and translation qualified translators, we express what YOU exactly mean.







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Confidential Information shall remain the property of the Disclosing Party and shall be returned upon written request of the Disclosing Party or upon the Receiving Party¡¦s determination that it no longer has a need for such Confidential Information.
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