Tourist Visa Extension in Thailand

Thailand, the land of smile, is the home to a population of over 70 Million.

It is the powerhouse of the Southeast Asia region, having over US$6000M foreign investments in 2018. It is also a destination of over 4 million tourists in 2018, accounting for around 20% of its GDP.

While foreigners may be attracted by the fascinated local cultures and beautiful landscape of the country, and want to stay after their visa expire, they will have to undergo complicated procedures. Restrictions for different type of visas in Thailand vary, and their terms are quite strict, that applicants will need to have solid evidence to proof that they need to stay behind Thailand.

Besides, when filing documents to government departments, applicants will be asked a long list of questions. Language is always the barrier, not to mention about the time you have to spend to go from one department to another.


What tourist visa restrictions do they have in Thailand?

Tourist Visa Extension in Thailand

In normal case, tourist visa holders are allowed to stay in Thailand for not more than 30 days, and can apply for extension for once after the the visa expires. The extension period will range from 1 week to 30 days, depending on what reason the applicant hold for the application.

A service fee of THB1900 will be charged by the Thailand immigration department, and the period of extension will start from the day your original visa expires, e.g. if you are supposed to leave on 3rd Jan and granted 10 days of extension, your new visa expiry date will be 13th Jan.

At Spear, we help applicants to manage their visas. We also help to apply for Thai visa extension regardless of times of application you have applied and length of extension period. 

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Overstaying in Thailand

Overstaying in Thailand is an act of criminal, that the authority has the complete right to deport the overstayed immediately. Also, a THB 500 will be fined per day and if you overstayed for over 2 weeks, you may have the chance to be banned from re-entering Thailand for 1 year. Besides, your passport will be sealed with a record of overstaying for which will affect the process of applying for any visa from any other countries.

For more serious case, if you are arrested by the police (not at the border), you will have to face a detention in the local prison that it may take a very long time for your embassy to get you out.

Contact us if you have an overstay trouble in Thai or you wish to apply for visa extension ahead of its expiry.


What documents are needed to extend your tourist visa in Thailand?

We will need your Passport and the immigration record showing your entry date and visa expiry date.  

For some occasions, you will need to get your medical or insurance records translated and certified before submission to the authority.

Our experienced team in Thailand will deliver advice in case you need to use your passport for other purpose during the application.


What are the procedures for Tourist Visa Extension in Thailand?

Step 1) Contact us if you need a visa extension service in Thailand

Step 2) Tell us your situation and show us your passport to get a quotation.

Step 3) Send us the payment slip and we start the work. You can pay online, or to a local bank in Thailand / Hong Kong / United Kingdom.

Step 4) It usually takes around 3-4 working days.

Step 5) We deliver the result by mail or you can get it in person.

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