Testimonial and Report Writing Service

Testimonials writing from customers has been an effective method used in marketing, widely been used by marketing experts. Usually a testimonial is given out accompanied with brochures of corporate services and introduction when approaching potential clients in order to increase the credibility of your service quality.

Testimonials is deemed as incredibly effective, but it requires a very high level of organizational and writing skills as well as a well-structured questionnaire. By giving out a formal testimonial from a past client or current client, a “word of mouth” effect is obtained and business can build trust with future customers.

Testimonial and Report Writing Service

Conduct Qualitative Research

Qualitative Reseaches in testimonial writings are conducted for the purpose of giving out a more focused example of how and why a past client would employ a corporate’s service or product. A qualitative research can be turned into a subjective Case Study if it is written with care.

By inviting your past clients to share their experiences of using your services and products through a well-structured and organized interview, you can benefit from knowing the strength and weakness of your business from the view of thrid party, also you can retain a good relationship with all your clients.

Spear conducts well-structured questionnaire with you so that information on the perceptions of your clients can be obtained.

Content Creation, Editing, Proofreading and Copywriting

You have to reorganize and rephrase those information gathered from interviewees into useful testimonial. You won’t expect your potential clients to spend a lot of time on studying your testimonial deeply, they just look into main points.

Keeping testitmonials precise and neat is important while planning the appropriate flow and writing out main points from interviewees’ 30 minutes conversation are difficult. At Spear, we as linguists, are commited to provide you quality writing service that is up to your expectations.

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Photoshooting and Plotting Graphs

Adding photos with captions can increase the readability of a testimonial. Sometimes a short passage with limited words can hardly tell completely the message while photos can deliver a compensative effect on describing the whole picture in a visualised way.

Graphs are also another important elements for illustration. By generating data into readable graphs, potential clients are able to know how your services or products could help boosting their sales or reducing cost, it is even believed that graphs tell more than words.

Value-adding Linguistic Service

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Localize your testimonials.

Typesetting (DTP)

Putting texts on your testimonial in a perfect way could increase its readability.


Conceptualizing and Design of your brochure with a consistent manner.

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