SPTS App Updates – Meet the New Allset Look and Experience

SPTS - Certifications and Document Management App

We are happy to announce that Spear has renovated its own project and certification management App – SPTS with brand new features and functionalities around convenience and professionalism.

SCloud for certification management is now available on SPTS. It is a cloud solution to help users to access to all their supporting documents and certifications for the purpose of passport / visa application, BNO renewal, school entry, employment and more.

The new intuitive interface has also enabled to access to SpearTimes, a portal to UK business news and events, in no time. However, users are still welcomed to download the official app of SpearTimes on AppStore at https://apple.co/3etBoxG and Google Play at https://bit.ly/3cjVZll


Explore the App yourself and download it here:

App Store: https://apple.co/3rGFzK8

Google Play: https://bit.ly/3cjGSrX


To let you know more


SPTS by Spear Translation is a comprehensive portal to assess to professional linguistic services for corporates and individuals. It is backed by members of Spear’s global linguistic team who deliver support 24/7.


SCloud for Spear Certifications

The ultimate system for managing your certifications and supporting documents when applying Passports, Visas, Schools, Works and more. Access to this page for more about Spear’s Certified Translation Service.