SEO Is The Best Tool To Expand Business To The Southeast Asian Markets

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Have you ever eyed on the Southeast Asian Markets? Want to expand your business to Thailand or Malaysia, or the regional financial hub Singapore? How about the largest economy Indonesia?

Over the years, especially with trading and digital advancement, countries in Southeast Asia have taken a larger percentage of market share among the world, and that number is still going up. With everything digitalized, SEO is the best tool to penetrate the Southeast Asian market without a doubt.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It sounds complicated, isn’t it? It only means the process of improving a website, and getting more visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility a web can get in the search result, the more people can pay attention to it. The technology is actually no stranger to anyone. Google, Bing, Yahoo, they use bots to crawl pages on the internet, collect information from site to site; that information will be analyzed with algorithm, and the result will be shown in an order according to the calculated ranking. 

The internet is the key driver of e-commerce, and with the drastic growth of e-commerce market in Southeast Asia, brand visibility is important that companies have to put themselves out there in order to succeed. There are over 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google every single day. The SEO service will optimize your website and match it with relevant search results that a business will be seen by more and more people each day.

Multilingual SEO for reaching users in different countries

Search Engine Optimization is multilingual. The system is capable of reaching users with different languages in different places. Take Hong Kong for instance, if you have established a business website in Hong Kong, and it is in three languages, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese; the web page set up is going to influence the search result, which is going to reach three times more audience. And the best way to expand your business successfully in Southeast Asia is to utilize SEO service with a multilingual site. 

Besides, SEO service reads country-based keywords. Between countries, there are various specific keywords or keyword combos. Linguistically speaking, this is called “localization”. Using search engines with keywords in a different language is NOT going to affect the search result. In fact, Google and other search engines take local information as a way to understand the targeted markets; currency marks, local phone numbers, even locations. 

Another good thing about SEO is monitoring. When a company is investing time and money on a marketing strategy, the only thing that matters is whether the strategy works or not. SEO services provide a number of data to determine the success of the site, organic traffic, dwell time, pages per session, bounce rate, and more. What’s even better is that you can get information on users’ behaviors. Entering a foreign market is hard, but keeping track on site activities helps understanding the market better; hence, making improvements will also be easier. As your company is expanding the business to Southeast Asian markets, you have to understand the browsing culture there; instead of loyalty rewards, people are looking for better security and positive reviews to avoid fake products and bad customer services. So, with SEO, major information will come in handy.

SEO is the best tool your company is going to have. Getting the most exposure in the sea of websites will no longer be a problem. Southeast Asian markets will soon be in your pocket.