Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

According to the report released by The Association of Marketing Agency in Asia, 98% consumers do online research before trying out new products or brands. As they hope to obtain some useful information before making decision, resulting in a trend of delivering more well organised message as the Key to attract consumers’ attention.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), though, is not the most direct way to reach out for clients, it is the most effective tools to obtain new clients. The intensifying website rank competition and rising cost of advertising on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, has made budgeting on online advertising heavy. To offset such cost, more and more companies have started shifting to invest more on SEO, and to capture a better rank by producing more quality contents to their customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

There are thousands of algorithms on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Baidu to calculate the score of your content and determine their rank. In that sense, the more your website content favours their algorithms, the higher the rank you can get.

Imagine Google as a library, and how people search books on the search engine. When people enter a keyword, a list of books which titles contain such keyword will be generated. That means, if your website is highly related to some keywords, you will rank first on the result page.

Playing with Keywords is some sort of manipulation, but Google is thousand times more complicated as content relativity is not the only rule to make you rank higher. In fact, SEO comes with 2 parts: the Onsite SEO and the Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO is the process that is done on your website. It is a series of adjustments on a certain of components of the website so that your content can be clearly understood by the search engines. It requires professional website engineering skills.

Offsite SEO is the continuous marketing actions that are done outside your website. By following the algorithms of Google your website can be referenced and ranked higher. Factors like backlinks, links rank, marketing strategy, etc. all would need to be taken into account.

And most importantly, companies will have to look constantly into their competitor’s actions as search rank is highly related to how good your competitors behave, and this is also the key factor to determine your search engine optimisation strategy. As your competitors will continue to write good contents and get better SEO results than you do, both onsite and offsite SEO should be seen as a mix that requires a detailed research on your competitors, keywords, website codes as well as the specific market conditions.

SEO is a long-lasting task that you can’t simply ignore and slow down. As it is a sustainable way of advertising and saving you millions cost while generating direct income for you, it is worth investing on either in terms of expanding your business or getting rid of your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization Company Hong Kong

Suggestions On How To Improve Your SEO Rankings

The most common and direct way is to write massive Blogs around keywords that favour your ranking, e.g. if you are running a UK property investment company, try to write more topics like: Why it is the time to invest in the UK property market? OR How to invest in the UK property market wisely, etc.

This would relate your website to the keyword “UK property market” and help you rank higher when people search so.

Get articles translated / localised would also rank your website higher in the local market, and as you write more, Google would score higher for big website as well.

Though SEO technique looks simple, it is indeed a skill that requires massive market research, analysis, engineering and of course, professional knowledge and insights. And it needs massive time as well.

SEO Crafted By A Linguistic Company

Spear is a well established linguistic brand and we have teams of in-house linguists to copy-write and craft contents for your marketing materials. We have been awarded the best linguistic service provider in subsequent years to offer the most sophisticated and complete planning, strategising and writings for your search engine optimisation wills.


Multilingual SEO With Local Support

Leveraging Spear’s 7 production houses worldwide, brands can enjoy the local thoughts provided by different native teams, at the same time being supported by our local team. So far we have helped hundreds of MNCs to renovate their websites in over 9 markets, generating uncountable values to their products, service and brand images.

Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation With Local Support

SEO Company backed by technology

SAnalyzer, an AI empowered system developed and patented by Spear, has helped brands to analyse and calculate Google’s algorithms and generate a detailed report on their SEO score and competitors. It is a powerful tool to outbid any competition and rank websites higher in a more effective way.

If you wish to know more about how our SEO service can generate values to your website, contact us here or fill in the below contact form.