Legal Translation Service

Legal translation is the translation of documents within the field of law. The terminologies and sentences used in a legal document are precise and highly structured, and requires a very detailed and rational mind to interpret each and every single word written.

Legal Translation Service

To Limit Risk of Mis-translating Legal Documents

Translating a legal document is a complex process and a tiny error can trigger serious consequences: mistranslating a term in a contract could lead to lawsuits and loss of money. It requires special knowledges and the understanding of the domestic legal system. Only professional translators specialising in legal translation should translate legal documents and scholarly writings.

Spear is able to respond immediately to urgent and sensitive requests no matter the time of day, and to provide rush translation service for legal documents on short notice.

Flawless Legal Translation

Spear’s professional translators are the best in the sector. Having a strict QA & QC inspection mechanism and our legal translator team inhouse enable us to control our service quality effectively.

We have extensive experience in translating legal documents of any kind. Our blend of experiences, translation skills, quality and project management capability allows Spear to be the reliable partner of thousands of attorneys, court-houses and legal agencies.

Legal Documents we translate:

Affidavits Articles of Association
Bankruptcy and Restructuring Documents Court documents
Evidentiary Documents Intellectual Property and Patents
Judgements Legal Opinion
Litigation and Petitions Mergers and Acquisitions
Contracts and Agreements Legal Research Documents
Investigation Interviews Statements
Policies and Procedures Government Tender Documents and Materials
Other Legal Documents

Some of our clients

Legal Translation Clients

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