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Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea. For over several thousand years, Korean was been written with adapted Chinese characters called hanja. Approximately 8,000,000 people speak Korean worldwide. The basic form of a Korean sentence is subject–object–verb, but the verb is the only required and immovable element.


South Korea Economy

South Korea has a market economy that ranks 15th in the world by nominal GDP and 12th by purchasing power parity (PPP). It has a developed market and high-income economy. South Korea is one of the fastest growing developed countries in the world.


Spear's Korean Translation Service

Spear works closely wih thousands of Korea companies. Being the most authoritative translation company in Asia, managing translation projects of Asian-languages is our strength, and our duty. Apart from having 3 Korean Editors in headquarter Hong Kong, we have a strong global network of 1000 approved Native Korean Translators which Spear is well equiped to work for any type of document translations.


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