In-house Translators and Editors

We are the best translation company in Hong Kong because we have the best translation team in town.


Abelardo Mosca

18+ years of experience


B.A. (Translation)

B.A. (Sociology)

When Abelardo was 6-year old, he moved to England with his family. He is majored in Sociology but later he found himself very interested in language studies so he took a translation degree in 1993. Abelardo possesses an MBA. He is also the management of Spear Translation.


Fred Fournoer

23+ years of experience

M.A (Translation)

B.A. (Finance)

Fred came to Spear in 2008, before that he was working in a Financial Translation Company in France. He was granted numerous translation awards including the ITC award and OTA award. He also writes blog articles for financial magazines.

Winston Pak Wai Lok

12+ years of experience

MA (Translation)

B.A. (Business)

Winston joint Spear in 2005, before that he was the deputy editor of a publishing company. He was the founder of “Efficient” (Chinese Journal related to business in PRC).

Timothy Wu Tian

17+ years of experience

MBA & P.hD (Translation)

B.A. (Finance)

Timothy is a PhD holder in Beijing University. He completed his degree abroad in the UK. He has also worked as a freelance translator in the finance field for 3 years before joining Spear. He is now the team leader of Spear’s Simplified Chinese Team in our Foshan Operation Centre.

Angelina Cheung Ying Sik

13+ years of experience

M.A. (Law), M.A. (English) 

B.A. (Law)

Angelina was raised in the UK. She came back to Hong Kong in 1996 and got 2 master degrees. She is now the team manager of Spear’s Legal Translation team.

Winniefred Chong Tsz Ting

9+ years of experience

MA (Pharmacy)

9+ years of experience

MA (Pharmacy)

B.A (Pharmacy), B.A. (Biology)

Winniefred has an outstanding academic result for both Pharmacy and Biology Degree. Before joining Spear, she was the president of an NGO in Africa responsible for educating doctors.