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French - Fast fact

French is first language and the official language in France, also the official language of over 30 countries in the world. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organizations. French is the 4th most widely spoken language in Europe.

The French government does not regulate the choice of language in publications but the use of French is required by law in commercial and workplace communications. The perceived threat from anglicisation has prompted efforts to safeguard the position of the French language in France.

It is estimated French speakers will reach approximately 500 million people in 2025 and 7% of the world's population by 2050.



France, officially the French Republic is a sovereign country in Western Europe. France is the largest country in Western Europe, and the 3rd largest in Europe as a whole. It has a total population of around 66 million, is the 3rd most-populous country in Europe.

France is a member of the G8 group of leading industrialised countries, its economy is ranked the world's 7th largest and the EU's 2nd largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).


French Translation Service

Spear Translation is a leading professional French Translation company in Asia. We deliver fast, accurate and consistent professional French Translation services at a competitive rate for both Canadian French and European French. Our French project management team and in-house translator teams are well trained to deliver high-volume and complex professional French Translations services to you in a timely and professional manner.













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