Find jobs in UK easily with these practical tips

Find jobs in UK easily with these practical tips

The UK job market is highly diversified and finding jobs in UK is easy.

But like every other place in the world, an easy job doesn’t come with job satisfaction and you will still need the skills to compete for that.

Knowing the local business culture and values can help you get well to the environment in advance and perform well in workplace. Below are some of the points you may find useful.

The qualities they are looking for are different

While employers in Hong Kong tend to look into benchmarks, those in UK want to know more about you. 

Stop showing off yourself because this is not how it works in UK. However, variations exist among different sectors and of course, different cities.

Read this article for How to write a good cover letter for job applications in UK (worth reading for BNO holders).

The way they interview in UK is different

UK employers hate robotic answers, so don’t write any transcripts before interviews. Stop worrying about your accents, just show them how good you are in your field.

Stay cheerful and professional

People in UK cherish personal life and they believe a perfect job is the way to the goal.

Show that you will be happy working with them because they want to know if they will have an easy life when working with you!


Although the above points addressed some sort of the employment norms in the UK job market, there are still plenty of skills you will need to know specifically for your sector.

Enrol our seminar to know more about the UK employment culture with respect to writing a good cover letter, or hire our 1-to-1 personal job application consultation service with our job expert in UK.

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