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Dutch Translation Service

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Dutch is the native and official language of most of the populations in the Netherlands, and about 60% of the populations of both Belgium and Suriname.

Dutch exhibits a subject–object–verb word order, but in main clauses the conjugated verb is moved into the 2nd position that is known as "verb second". This makes Dutch word order almost identical to that of German, but often different from English.


Dutch Translation Service

Spear, being a leading Dutch translation company, provides high volume professional Dutch Translation to clients. From Documents, Audio, Video, Web, to Dutch Birth Certificate, Educational Transcript, Visa Application, etc. Spear is here to serve you the best. We have been partnered with fortune 500 company since our establishment in 1989, is capable of delivering extremely high quality Dutch translation services to you without any hassles.

Spear offers high quality Dutch to English Translation (English to Dutch translation as well) by native Certified Translators for the following industries: commercial documents, financial documents, marketing materials, tender-uset, social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, technology, education, journalism,culture, etc.

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