Drugs and Medical Translation Service

Translating Medical Documents requires the attention to details and the use of wordings. It requires translators to have solid medical knowledge as well as expertise in translation – readers are medical specialists, medical students and manufacturers; however some clients may require the translation to be precise and clear as their target audiences are patients and general public, hence a higher level of translation skills is needed.

Over the years, Spear has been providing Medical Translation services for Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Toolkits Manufacturers, Hospitals, Government Authorities and Independent Medical Tester. Click here to see our client portfolio.

Drugs and Medical Translation

We are proficient in providing Medical Translation in the following categories:

  • Medical Devices and Tools Manuals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pre and Post Operation communications
  • Medical marketing materials
  • Medical Examinations
  • Medical Reports
  • Mental Health Care
  • Medical Conferences Documents

Having our Medical Translators in-house, all of them are bound by the Translators Professional Code of Ethics (promoted by SLACA). Spear Translation signs confidentiality agreements with clients, so as to protect clients’ interests while confidence in us is rendered.

Some of our clients

Medical Translation Service

Send us your document and get the flawless medical translation at info@spear.com.hk.

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