Commercial Translation Service

Most translators possess the ability to do good translation but not many of them could deliver perfect commercial translation because, for which, linguist would need to possess some sort of marketing knowledge as well as copy-writing skills.
Commercial Translation is not just about translating a passage from one language to another, it is about understanding the features of a product, customers’ mind, and try to persuade them to take a purchasing action.


How to start with a commercial translation service

First, you will need to look into the background of a translator, to see if he / she has the knowledge in the related sector as well as any marketing background.
Then, you will have to communicate with the translator the concept of your marketing campaign and the audiences you are targeting. If needed, you should tell him / her your marketing plan and know your following actions and how he / she can incorporate the work into your plan. Also, share with the translator some references about the tone and style you want.
Finally, you should set up an experimental group to test audience’s reactions before launching a campaign. Let the group tell you the feeling towards the marketing material, and will they take actions afterwards.

Translating and Localizing commercial materials

Translating pitching materials and product descriptions to another language is difficult, as language is culturally-bound. That’s why you need a reliable linguist partner to help in expanding your business to overseas markets.

Spear is trusted by hundreds of world brands like Fendi, Cathay Pacific, Chanel, and was granted the Award of Best Translation Company by Translator Community Organisation in 2014. With our professional translation services, you will be able to stretch to anywhere in the world with endless confidence.

Commercial Translation At Spear, most of our in-house translators possess a business-related degree, all of them are capable to translate with business sense. And more, only native translators are assigned with the job, that’s why Spear is the strategic partner to over 50,000 companies all over the world.

Commercial Translation Services

Commercial Translation is a long process, and it has to be taken seriously. As you have already invested tremendous time and money on developing a product / service, the final step is to let the market knows.

Spear provides translation service for key marketing tools including but not limited to:

  • Company Profiles
  • Catalogs and Brochures
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Packaging Descriptions
  • Websites
  • Corporate Video Subtitles
  • Training Materials
  • Blogs
  • PR news

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