Art Translation Service

When holding art exhibition for Artworks, apart from venue selection and  transporting of artworks, the most difficult part to prepare is to convert the abstract messages on artworks from conceptualization to a language that people would understand. For such, you will need a professional Art Translation Service.

When writing a piece of article, explaining the idea of an artwork or an artist, copy-writing or literal translation may not be sufficient to fully interpret the idea, as Art is a subjective way of expression, audience may find hard to understand the meaning if the perspective of translation is not right. That’s why, communication for knowing the context and artistic concept before translating art contents is very crucial for delivering a great work.

What is Art Translation?

art Translation

Art is very different from other forms of communication, which requires translators to portray the meaning and imaginations of paintings, exhibits, sculptures and other artworks in other languages, culturally at the same time accurately.

Art translation is the most difficult task among all kinds of translations, probably due to its requirement of exquisite writing skills combined with the techniques of expression and translation.


Steps for Translating Art Materials

Step 1: Identify types of Art Materials.
Translating Artwork descriptions or handouts could be quite different to writing up bios for artists and marketing materials for Art program. Translator has to understand the purpose of the project before commence working.

Step 2: To understand the context of the concept.

Translator has to communicate with the client to know more about the idea behind the artwork.

Step 3: Setting up glossary for Art Translation
Terms could vary for different types of artworks, same to artists. Sometimes, terms would have a totally different meaning as it involves emotions during the interpretation process.

Step 4: Review
Getting feedback from client is always the best way to understand client’s thought.

Art Translation Service that Spear Provides

SPEAR Translation has extensive experiences in art translation. We have been serving numerous artists, e.g. Richard X Zawitz and Johnny Torn, to provide quality translation for their event, magazines, brochures, leaflets and introductory video transcripts.

Types of Art Translation Materials include:

  • Art-related Materials
  • Art Exhibition Materials
  • Studies
  • Brochures and Leaflets
  • Advertisment
  • Press Conference
  • Literature and Writings

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